If your house is looking dirty and dingy we can help! Pollen, dirt, mold, and oxidation all build up over time to steal that luster from your home. Bluecoat Lawn and Snow does residential power washing.

Many companies utilize a process called soft washing to clean homes. Soft washing depends greatly on water and chemicals to clean a house. Sometimes they will utilize a lower PSI pressure washer. Most of the time washing occurs with low pressure water. It’s a cheaper way to clean a home and doesn’t clean it 100%. Have you ever tried to wash a greasy pan in sink full of cold water? It doesn’t work well.

We offer commercial power washing. We utilize commercial equipment that is able to heat the water that is used to wash your home. We combine heat, chemicals, low, and high pressure water to sanitize your exterior. If you have mold and algae growing on your home it will return quickly if you aren’t utilizing the correct combination of heat and chemicals to break down the organic materials.

Our pressure washing bids include cleaning the siding, windows, soffit, facia, and gutters. We also offer roof and surface cleaning such as concrete scrubbing. We take extra care to make sure we don’t damage plants and grass. We cover vegetation with plastic when necessary and are mindful of the areas we are working in. We utilize practices and chemicals that will effectively clean and sanitize your property without damaging it.

Let us clean your home and restore that shine. A clean, sanitized house increases value, protects your investment, and boosts that curb appeal.


Our customers have confidence in our work. We maintain professionalism in everything we do. We want our customers to feel confortable with who is on their property and take pride in the work that is being done. Our employees and vehicles are identifiable. We pride ourselves on a professional appearance.

Bluecoat Lawn and Snow is a family owned and operated company you can trust. We are fully insured. We continue to look for ways to innovate and learn to be the best at what we do. We invest in our equipment, our people, and our community. Hire a company that takes pride in their work, treats their customers how they would want to be treated, and handles every property as though it was their own.

We serve a number of communities in the Chippewa Valley including; Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Altoona, and Menomonie. We are a lawn maintenance company that offers a variety of services. Check out our website to learn more. Contact us today and find out why our customers keep calling us back!