Eau Claire Spring Clean Ups and Fall Clean Ups


Raking leaves sucks! When the leaves start to fall, temps start to drop, and days get shorter, don’t waste those days off cleaning up Mother Nature’s mess. Give Bluecoat Lawn and Snow a call.

Did you put off cleaning up your yard last fall? Has the snow melted and exposed last year’s mess? Procrastinate no more! Bluecoat Lawn and Snow will get that yard in shape before the grass starts to grow.

We know yard cleanups can be overwhelming and exhausting. Spending a day or two raking your yard is tiring. Then comes the question of what to do with all of those leaves and needles.

It’s important to get leaves, needles, etc. off the grass. The debris left over by Mother Nature chokes out grass. It deprives it of the sun and oxygen it needs to thrive. Piled up leaves and debris encourage the growth of mold and other diseases that can be harmful to your lawn. It can attract rodents, insects, and other annoying pests. It can also be annoying to neighbors. Don’t be an annoying neighbor. Get those unsightly leaves cleaned up before they blow into the neighbors yard!

We are equipped with the tools necessary to get the job done right. We are able to get most yards cleaned up within an hour or two. In many cases it will cost you less than a monthly family cell phone bill! We utilize commercial mowers, industrial blowers, and a heavy duty vacuum to get the job done. Sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you. Our customers are constantly amazed on how quickly we can get a yard cleaned up. You will be amazed to.

Bluecoat Lawn and Snow is a company you can trust. We take pride in our work and treat every property as though it was our own. Contact us today and find out why our customers keep calling us back!

BLUECOAT Lawn & Snow is a Family Business


Bluecoat Lawn and Snow is a family business located in the Chippewa Valley. We are located near Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Our family lawn care and snow removal business serves Eau Claire, Altoona, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, and the surrounding communities. We started the business in Fall of 2019. The owner, Ian, left almost a 20-year career in law enforcement to go back to his roots. Ian previously owned and operated and tree service. He also worked for a large lawn and landscape business.

We provide lawn care services that include mowing, trimming, aeration, dethatching, irrigation maintenance, spring and fall cleanups. Other services we offer include brush removal, lot clearing, tree removal, storm damage clean up, tilling, mulching, hedge trimming, and power washing,

In need of a service you don’t see offered? Contact us, if it’s not something we offer, we will gladly point you in the direction of a professional that does.

We are equipped to handle the job and we work hard to provide a level of service far above the competition. When you hire Bluecoat Lawn and Snow you are truly supporting a family owned and operated business. Day to day operations are conducted by the owner, Ian, and his teenage sons Liam, Deaglan, and Cillian. On bigger jobs don’t be surprised if you see the entire family chipping in. Our goal is to build a business that is part of the community and can employ others from hardworking family’s that share our values.

We believe our company’s success comes through hard work, customer service, and supporting the community that supports us. It’s not uncommon to find us supporting other businesses, organizations, and fundraisers within the communities we serve. It is important to us that we build and maintain relationships with our customer’s.

Bluecoat Lawn and Snow is a company you can trust. We take pride in our work and treat every property as though it was our own. Contact us today and find out why our customers keep calling us back!

Professional Local Lawn Care with Clean Lines – Sidewalk and Driveway Lawn Edging

Clean Lawn Edging

Need those landscape borders redefined?  Lost your sidewalk because your turf has taken it over?  Has your driveway lost it’s definition?  It’s not uncommon for your lawn edging to be overlooked and fall out of maintenance.  We include maintenance of edging with the pricing of all our weekly lawn accounts.  If it’s been neglected we may charge a one-time fee.

Not looking to sign-up for weekly mowing’s?  No problem, we would be happy to get your edging up to snuff and keep it maintained.  Maintaining your edging will add definition, provide a clean look, remove trip hazards, and make snow removal easier during the winter months.  Call us today for a free estimate.

Commercial and Residential Snow Removal in Eau Claire and Altoona

Chippewa Valley Snow Removal

Bluecoat Lawn and Snow is equipped to handle your property whether you need snow blowing or snow plowing.  We handle both commercial and residential properties.  We provide salting, sanding, and snow hauling services.

We utilize up to date commercial equipment.  We take pride in maintaining our equipment to make sure we are always ready to serve our customers.  Snow removal operations are bid by the hour with minimums for commercial and residential properties.

Insurance is important when selecting a company for snow removal.  Many companies do not carry the proper coverage.  Auto insurance won’t cover a plow company when they damage your property.  Bluecoat Lawn and Snow carries umbrella coverage, business liability insurance, in addition to commercial liability insurance on all of our vehicles.  Not only do we believe in protecting ourselves.  We believe in protecting our customers.

We operate under seasonal contracts for snow removal.  Bids are free.  Book yours today!

Professional and Dependable Lawn Care for the Chippewa Valley

Local Eau Claire Lawn Care

Bluecoat Lawn and Snow offers lawn care services including mowing, aeration, dethatching, and edging.  Sorry, at this time we do not offer irrigation or fertilization services.

We are equipped for commercial or residential service.  Have a small fence in lawn?  Have a 10 acre commercial property?  Need a ditch line, trails, or a small field cut?  We have you covered.

Lawn mowing rates vary based on the property.  We offer weekly, biweekly, and one time mowing’s.  We maintain edging on all of our lawns scheduled for weekly mowings.  Contact us, we would be happy to give you a free estimate.